Vanity by design can provide you with a professional fit and installation service for a study or office for your home. When constructing a new study for your home, it is important to consider features and aspects that will be required to ensure it is functional, yet stylish. With a team of diligent craftsmen and electricians, we can create an elegant study that you can conduct your business in.

With the exact measurements of your room, we can supply you with an accurate design of your prospective study using Articad. There are an abundance of styles that can be constructed and we work tirelessly to ensure you are always provided with the perfect study.

With your designs, our skilled craftsmen and electricians will implement the design immaculately. We are scrupulous in our work ethic, which allows a high standard of work to always be achieved. Our commitment to providing a reliable and honest customer service ensures that our customers are always delighted with our work.